The New


Big news! As many of you have probably seen I have been a bit MIA over the past few weeks over on Life of a Northern Belle. Well, I am happy to announce that you can find my new and improved blog site at

6 months ago I was nervous and excited as I published my very first blog post but as I began to fall more and more in love with blogging I realized I needed to be doing it in the creative manner that truly reflects who I am. My new website holds all my previous posts and creative content so that everything can be viewed there moving forward.

As sad as I am to no longer be posting on “Life of a Northern Belle”, I hope you will join me on my new adventure!!

Thank you for everything and I hope to be seeing you around!



Bare Necessities

Summer comes with so many fun necklines and sleeves but real talk its also the hardest season to find a comfortable and well fitting bra! So I am rounding up my favorite bras, bralettes and bandeau’s to share with you all.


Photo May 30, 8 46 07 PM

If you are looking for a traditional lace bralette, my favorite is the Gallon Lace Racerback by Free People. Unlike other lace bralettes that I have tried, this one has what I would call a ‘tighter lace’. It doesn’t give as much as some other lace bralettes which means it helps keep everything in place. It also comes in a gazillion colors! Cost- $20

If you are looking for a less expensive versions of the traditional lace bralette, Forever 21 also has a large variety of colors at half the price. Cost- $10.90

When it comes to needing a bit more support, Aerie has the best padded bralettes. You can hardly tell its padded! And the adjustable straps help you get a better fit.  Cost- Currently 30% off at $18.86

Bandeaus can be the trickiest things to find in your size! I don’t know why One Size is a thing but I have seen it before in bandeaus. Aerie has a huge variety of Bandeaus, my favorites I have seen are the Longline Boho bandeaus. The longline detail means extra support and helps keep the bra up! Plus the cute cut-out detail would look gorgeous with a open back top 😉 Cost- Currently 50% off at $12.47

Click the links in the images below to shop! 




10 Things


Has this not been the longest 4 day week or what?! It seemed to drag on forever!  After a challenging week and the start of a new month, I decided I needed to do a little positivity post. So today I am sharing 10 things I am thankful for!

  1. Travel. Summer means travel and we are nearly 60 days until my family trip to Kauai! Cannot wait to share my Hawaiian adventure with you!
  2. Family Time. One in the same with travel, but I am so very excited to be traveling with my parents and sister this summer. A trip just the 4 of us is long overdue.
  3. Summer Beer. Justin’s old college days recipe for a potent drink that I will be drinking all summer long! {Light beer, frozen lemonade and vodka. YUM!}
  4. Adulting. I know, I know. I complain about adulting it so much. But sometimes it feels so good to sneak downstairs late at night and eat a bowl of cookie dough ice cream just because you can.
  5. Summer Reading. I recently stumbled upon author Kristan Higgins and have fallen in love with her Blue Heron novels. Nothing says summer like a little summer romance. Follow me on Goodreads to see what else I am reading!
  6. Sun Kissed Skin, even if it is fake. Have you checked out my latest review on Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin moisturizer? If not check it out here. I’m obsessed!
  7. Concert Season. Hello, Country music concerts! Nothing better than an outdoor amphitheater, a cold drink and your best girlfriends. Sam Hunt July, 29th! Who else is going?!
  8. Space. Recently JP and I upgraded to a king size bed and it has been the best investment we’ve ever made. It truly is what dreams are made of!
  9. Helpful Friends. Shout out to all my amazing friends that have been lending me their photography skills, graphic design expertise and even blogging knowledge! You know who you are– you da best!!
  10. My Love. We have entered a new season of life, both working full time, yet we still somehow manage to make time for each other even if it is just taking trips to Lowe’s and dreaming about the day we own our own home. I am so thankful for that.



Rompin’ Around

Photo May 28, 8 51 50 PMPhoto May 30, 8 46 07 PMPhoto May 30, 9 07 01 PMPhoto May 30, 9 07 34 PM_SVP6611One of my biggest pet peeves with rompers (beside the lack of convenience) is the fact that I can never find one that is adequately fits my torso! They always are too short and give a show in the front or the back. But last week while going about my usual tour of Target I found this adorable romper on clearance and thought “What the heck, why not!?”.

Well someone upstairs was looking out for me that day as I hunted through the clearance racks at target because lo and behold I have found a romper long enough for my torso and goodies!! The elastic waistband allows me to adjust the waist of the romper to wherever my natural waist may fall.  And not only does it fit well it also is adorable! The hemline around the legs and the open back detail add just enough sparkle to a simple silhouette.

It feels so good to find something that fits you so well! Are there any amazing finds you have found lately? Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.


Click the links in the images below to shop!

Side note—- Has everyone else seen the “Man Romper“?! I can’t be the only one who secretly loves this! Just as I wouldn’t want a man telling me what I can and cannot wear, I don’t feel its my place to judge. BUT be forewarned to any male who dares to try out said Man Romper, good luck going to the bathroom! 🙂




Now Trending: Gingham

Happy Tuesday! Is it just me or does it feel like Friday? Something about a 3 day weekend always throws my schedule off! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend. If you didn’t get a chance to read my Memorial Day post, click here to read! Now on to this ADORABLE gingham dress…..

I’ll just say it… I am obsessed with gingham! Isn’t it just the cutest?! There is something about gingham and is so classic and reminds me of a picnic basket. I have been seeing gingham everywhere this year and I really anticipate it to be a huge print this summer. For me the key to wearing gingham is to find unique silhouettes. A classic pattern with a surprising twist like an off the shoulder bow sleeve is a match made in cuteness heaven! This gingham off the shoulder dress is under $20 and an absolute steal!

Photo May 21, 8 15 19 PMPhoto May 21, 8 13 15 PMPhoto May 21, 8 08 27 PMPhoto May 21, 8 05 55 PMDSCN7465

Outfit Details: Dress// Almost Famous Gingham Off The Shoulder Dress // Shoes// Steve Madden Donddi Sandals // Tote// Madewell Transport Tote



Memorial Day

I read a really eye opening article today on NPR about Memorial day that I wanted to share with you. The general premise of the article is about how veterans feel that Memorial day has become lost in translation. I too am guilty for immediately associating Memorial day weekend with cook outs, beach trips and the unofficial start of summer. So I figured I would do some research into the origin and meaning of the holiday meant to honor those who died serving.

Memorial Day in the US has its origins from the Civil War and was then known as a “Decoration Day”. It stemmed from the desire to honor those lost in war. General John Logan selected the original date of May 30th to honor those fallen because there were not battles that day. It wasn’t until 1971 that it became a national holiday and was set to be celebrated on the last Monday of May.

A consistent theme throughout the article is how we should not say “thank you” or celebrate Memorial day as a joyous occasion because Memorial day serves a very different purpose from Veterans day. This really resonated with me. Veterans day is to honor all who have served in the armed forces where Memorial day is in remembrance of those who died serving. I honestly had never really thought about it like that before… We just use a blanket statement like “Happy Memorial Day” when in reality there are many Americans who use this day to reflect and remember those lives lost. Saying “Happy Memorial day” now just sounds very insensitive.

Although I feel that a simple “thank you” is never wrong,  on Memorial day, Veterans and family members may be mourning and it is important to keep that in mind.

I hope this encourages you to be respectful in how you choose to spend your Memorial day. May we always remember the sacrifices made for our beautiful country. Today we honor those who lost their lives for us. Never take for granted the soil you stand on. Proud to be an American.



NPR article can be found here! Other interesting articles about the history of Memorial day can be found here & here!


The PERFECT Summer Sandal

YOU GUYS! I have found the absolute perfect summer sandal.  I am all about simple, comfortable footwear in the summer and I found the perfect pair with these Steve Madden Donddi Sandals. I love the simplistic style and adjustable straps! They are casual enough with jeans but can also be worn with a pretty dress. I even worn them to work! These have quickly become my go-to sandals so you’ll be seeing me wearing them all the time 😉

Sizing wise they run true to size and don’t cut too tightly across the top of my feet. They also come in 6 different colors and are under $50!!Photo May 21, 6 48 21 PMPhoto May 21, 6 36 29 PMPhoto May 21, 6 41 07 PM


Click here to shop: Shoes*// Steve Madden Donddi Sandal // Top // Jealous Tomato Stripe Off The Shoulder Blouse

*p.s. some sizes/colors are cheaper on Amazon so be sure to check them out there too 🙂




Summer Glow

Looking to get that kissed by the sun glow without the sun? Here is my review on my new favorite self tanner!

A few weeks ago, after a serious case of sunburn, a co worker of mine mentioned trying Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin moisturizer. I had honestly never thought about using self tanner before. I just always assumed that fake tans were something that were exclusive to the rich, famous and those going to prom. {HAHAH} I was skeptical to say the least! I even waited until the weekend to try it just in case I came out orange or ruined my clothes.

I was pleasantly surprised with the results! Once you finish your normal shower routine, turn off the water and rub a quarter size amount of the moisturizer on your arms and legs and voila! No sticky feeling, no botches and no color transfer! I am starting to see a subtle but healthy looking glow! And best of all, my skin feels just as soft and moisturized as if I had been using my normal products.


Now I will say the color for me was gradual so keep that in mind if you are looking for a quick fix. I’ve seen mixed reviews online but rest assured you won’t come out looking like an oompa loompa! I wish I had thought to take a before picture so you could see the difference but you’ll just have to take my word for it! 

Click here to shop // Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer



Showing A Little Leg: My Favorite Denim Shorts

Some days you just need a good pair of denim shorts! Denim shorts are that one summer staple that never goes out of style but somehow seems to be one of the hardest things to shop for. {ugh!} So I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite pairs of denim shorts to share with you all. Everything from stretchy, to distressed and even a little booty in there 🙂


American Eagle Super Hi Rise Shortie – I wear a size 8, which is true to size. The high waisted top keeps me tucked in and comfortable but the distressed look and shortie cut make it perfect for a festival or country concert! They also have a good bit of stretch which makes them super comfortable!


Levi’s Hi Rise Shorts – I found these gems on Amazon for under $40 and they are perfect if you don’t like your shorts to cling too tightly around the leg. The rough edge around the hem keeps the shorts loose fitting and not clingy. And the same deal with all my high waisted shorts, I love that it keeps me feeling secure!


Mossimo Mid Rise Midi Shorts – If you are looking to stay on budget, Target always has the best shorts for your buck. These Mid Rise shorts are under $20! {they also come in a Hi Rise cut which is my personal fav} They have a classic look and best of all they are made from recycled polyester material and are environmentally friendly!

I hope everyone had the most wonderful Mothers day weekend! I can’t believe we are almost in Summer. This year is just flying by but I am SO excited for what is yet to come!




How to Wear Black

I feel like its an unspoken rule that black is a color not to be worn during the warmer months. Just like white pants are only supposed to be worn between memorial day and labor day. While I understand the reasoning behind this , I am hoping to break the stigma by sharing some of my tricks for wearing and styling one of my favorite black pieces for warmer weather… rompers!

Rompers are my go-to for those lazy days when pairing a tops with bottoms just seems impossible. {You know those days!} Besides short sleeve and strapless styles, finding a romper with breezy material is key to keeping cool. Anything cotton, chambray or blended with cotton is sure to breathe and help combat the heat.

When it comes to styling black you never go wrong with accessories. Classic and clean, black is the perfect color if you are really looking to make your accessories pop! A bright tassel earring or fun clutch immediately brightens up the look without loosing the simplicity of the color and romper.

DSCN7360DSCN7346Sorrell Elyse

Paired with my new Sorrell Elyse tassel earrings, this black romper is the perfect compliment to a splash of color!

Get my look below!

Shoes: Jack Rogers Palm Beach Sandal

Roper: Similar here & here

Earrings: Sorrell Elyse  Collette tassels