Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! (said no one ever). The Monday after Daylight savings has to be the worst Monday of all Mondays. There was no sun to help nudge me out of bed and loosing an hour of sleep certainly did not help me get to work on time. Whoops!

As you may have seen if you follow my social pages (insta: @allisonsaxoxo & snap: ams4073) my parents and sister came to Charlotte for a short weekend visit. Unfortunately every time they come visit they bring the snow! Luckily the snow held off long enough for me to take them to one of my favorite spots!

In Monroe, NC there is this quaint and charming little vineyard called Treehouse Vineyards. The vineyard gets its name from the three treehouses that line the property. When you first pull up to the vineyard the exterior can be very deceiving but once you walk around to the back you can easily see why this is one of my favorite places to take visitors! They use only North Carolina grapes to make their wine and they do both tours and tastings. My personal favorites are the Sunset Hills and Winy Hill wine. Did I mention they also do wine-orita’s- AKA a wine slushie! (insert heart eyes)


Happy Monday loves! May the odds be ever in your favor!




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