DIY Tassel Necklace


GUYS! I actually made the tassel necklace myself and it was so easy! Tassel necklaces were such a trend last year and I couldn’t bring myself to spend $40 on a necklace and I could never seem to find a necklace that had just the colors I was looking for, so by making one myself I got to design it just how I envisioned it in my head!

I have linked the etsy shop below where I bought the tassel. I purchased the beads in Michael’s, pieced it all together using the steps below and Voilà!! Inexpensive and adorable tassel necklace!

How To: 

  1. Purchase tassel here!
  2. Buy beads, I got mine from Michael’s {be mindful of the dimensions of the beads and the thickness of the line/rope you may be using}
  3. Cut line/rope to desired length {I opted to use fishing line since I had it laying around the house & its super strong}
  4. String the tassel so its centered on the line/rope, follow with beads
  5. Attach desired hook and clamp to ends of the line/rope
  6. TA-DA!


If you have any questions while creating your own tassel necklace feel free to reach out, I would love to help!!



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