March Goals Recap


Can you believe its already the end of March?! April is right around the corner and its a busy month for us. Full of birthdays, holidays and travel… I can’t wait! But before we flip the page on the calendar I wanted to recap on my goals from March and see what, if anything that I accomplished!

Monthly Goals:

-Stay positive, start appreciating what I do have rather than always analyzing what I think I’m still missing. This goes for relationships, my career and my closet. lol

  • Still working on this one, but I have been working to remember just how lucky I am!

-Read at least 2 books, even if they are the cheesy rom-coms that I love so much.

  • Major fail! Now I have a bunch of late fees 😦

Weekly Goals:

-Go to the gym at least twice a week. Maybe even try one of those hour long full body classes I have been avoiding.

  • Happy to say I have been going 3 times a week and even went on a Saturday! Who am I?!

-Write at least once a week. Whether I publicly share it or not, writing is such a creative outlet for me.

  • This one was easy, hope you have been following along with all my posts!! 

Daily Goals:

-Stay in my own lane. Focus on bettering myself because in reality that’s all I can really change.

  • A work in progress for sure, but I have great mentors and friends who help me keep my focus!

-Cut back on soda! This may be the hardest goal to crack seeing that Justin’s sister works for Coca Cola!

  • Soooo I’ve swapped soda for coffee…. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing! Whoops!


With March being as great as it was, I am excited to see what April brings! Thanks for following along (:



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