April Goals


Happy April! April is a busy month for everyone in my household- 3 Murphy birthdays, Easter, Lacrosse playoffs (GO UNCC!!) and finally taking a trip home for the first time since Thanksgiving! I cannot wait to snuggle with my sweet Addie Lu and hopefully take a trip to Wrightsville beach!

Keeping these goals on track might be a challenge this month since I’ll be go-go-go all the time so I’ll keep them short and sweet! Big picture, this month is all about saving $$$ and bettering myself! Let’s go!!

Monthly Goals:

  • Don’t buy anymore clothes {both my wallet and Justin are going to love this one}
  • Pay off at least 1 credit card. Thank you tax season!
  • Try something new! {I signed up for a beginner calligraphy class, can’t wait!}

Weekly Goals:

  • Keep plugging away at the gym {YGG}

Daily Goals:

  • Remind loved ones just how much they mean to me. Just because I say it doesn’t mean they feel it!
  • Water, water, water. Gotta get ready for bikini season!


Do you have any goals this month? Or any advice about how I can achieve my goals with such a busy schedule? Please comment below, I’d love to hear from you!



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