A Few Good Things



— Lets talk about this tank?! How cute and flattering is the peplum shape! The straps are braided and the colors are SO vibrant and fun. Already naming this my tank for the summer!

— The fact that this weekend I will be home for the first  time since Thanksgiving. I am excited to spend the Easter weekend with friend and family but most importantly I miss my dog!! Be prepared for an insta stories takeover as soon as we are reunited. Sorry not sorry.

— Next weekend is a big deal! Justin is the assistant coach of the UNCC men’s LAX team and next weekend we get to travel to ATL for the playoffs! {hoping I-85 isn’t a nightmare} Not only did these boys make it to the payoffs, they also swept their division. So excited to cheer on the boys and our coaches! {probably going to loose my voice… }

— Spring weather means spring cleaning, finally getting to put away the sweaters and break out the cute dresses. And this makes me so happy!

— Murphy birthday weekend means cake on cake on cake! {my inner fat kid is rejoicing}

Happy Thursday!





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