Body Image


This is a tough topic for me to talk about since I still have a hard time coming to terms with my body. But I think it’s more important than ever to do so. I hope that by putting myself out there it will help me to connect with you all on a real level because that’s all I ever wanted to do when I started blogging.  I wanted to be someone real, relatable and someone you could truly connect with. A role model of sorts. Having said that, I feel the need to address the highs and all of the lows I experience while putting myself out there to ultimately be “liked”… or not. During my short time blogging I have learned just how much faith and courage it takes to truly open yourself up to others. I want so much to be a strong, confident voice for “loving one’s body” but half the battle is first finding the confidence within myself. So what better way to cope with these feelings than to write them down?

Body image is something I have struggled a lot with over the past few years and with the season of tank tops and string bikinis nearly upon us, my body frustration is more apparent than ever. This season I found nearly half of my shorts from last year are too snug for comfort. During my past photo session these body image feelings rolled over me like a turbulent wave. I was excited to get in front of the camera but when it came time to review the images I began the self-doubt. I pointed out every flaw that I didn’t like about myself. Poor Justin handled my roller coaster of emotions like a champ, encouraging me to smile and by telling me how beautiful he thought I was. But we are our own worst critic and no amount of compliments and affirmation from the outside is going to impact us until we begin to love from the inside first. With all that being said I want to vow to do a few things today-

  • Continue to share with you the good and the bad- ups and the downs and all the highs and lows that come with putting yourself out there.
  • Try not to be so hard on myself- I am who I am for a reason. I might not know the reason yet but if I stay positive I truly believe that all things will fall into place.
  • And most importantly always stay true to myself- This is so challenging in a world based on appearances and first impressions. But when I remind myself why I started this blogging journey and who I want to be, the path becomes clearer.

Ultimately, our perceived body image comes from the inside. I hope to one day be a strong voice for body positivity but until that day comes I vow to continue to better myself and share my stories along the way.




2 thoughts on “Body Image

  1. Love this. A lot of what you talked about in this post has been on my heart recently. It’s hard when we’re in a world thats so focused on likes, images, appearance and popularity. And it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there. But if you’re reaching even just one person, I think you’re doing an amazing job. Proud of you pretty girl!


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