Q & A


Hey loves! Now that I am nearly 6 months into blogging I figured it was about time I did a little Q & A! Have other questions for me? Let me know in the comments below. Enjoy!

How tall are you? I am 5’6 (I think)

What size do you wear: I am a medium top, large bottom usually, 29 inch waist, 8 1/2 shoe

Who do you look to for blogging inspiration? I have 2 favorites- Kahlea Nicole and Camryn Glackin, her blog is called Coral & Charm. They both seem so real and fun, like someone you could be BFF’s with!

Are you married: No, but I have an amazing boyfriend ❤

Something  I never leave the house without? Burt’s bees. I think I’m an addict (:

What moisturizer do you use? Ponds cold cream. I love how cool and refreshing it feels.

Favorite beauty splurge? Jessie James Decker lip kit! But your own here!

Who takes your photos? Either my friends Brittany, Skie with Skie View Photography or my loving boyfriend.

What is your least favorite thing about yourself? Real talk: I used to be very fit, like 6 pack at age 10 fit, (I was a competitive gymnast) but now that I have a 9-5 job my body has changed. But I am working on getting active again!

What is your favorite thing about yourself? My eyes. I love how a simple swipe of black eyeliner makes my blue eyes pop!

Do you blog full-time? No, but it is a goal of mine! I work full time as digital content producer for a fortune 50 company.

Do you workout? I’ve been taking body pump classes at a local gym for a few weeks now. If you ever get to try a class you’ll know what I mean when I say its the hardest workout ever but I’m hooked!

Favorite store? Right now I am a bit all over the place… depends on what I am looking for!

What draws your eye when you are shopping? It can go two ways- something that stands out and can be worn for a special event or something that is a great staple and will be versatile in my closet.





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