Rompin’ Around

Photo May 28, 8 51 50 PMPhoto May 30, 8 46 07 PMPhoto May 30, 9 07 01 PMPhoto May 30, 9 07 34 PM_SVP6611One of my biggest pet peeves with rompers (beside the lack of convenience) is the fact that I can never find one that is adequately fits my torso! They always are too short and give a show in the front or the back. But last week while going about my usual tour of Target I found this adorable romper on clearance and thought “What the heck, why not!?”.

Well someone upstairs was looking out for me that day as I hunted through the clearance racks at target because lo and behold I have found a romper long enough for my torso and goodies!! The elastic waistband allows me to adjust the waist of the romper to wherever my natural waist may fall.  And not only does it fit well it also is adorable! The hemline around the legs and the open back detail add just enough sparkle to a simple silhouette.

It feels so good to find something that fits you so well! Are there any amazing finds you have found lately? Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.


Click the links in the images below to shop!

Side note—- Has everyone else seen the “Man Romper“?! I can’t be the only one who secretly loves this! Just as I wouldn’t want a man telling me what I can and cannot wear, I don’t feel its my place to judge. BUT be forewarned to any male who dares to try out said Man Romper, good luck going to the bathroom! 🙂





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